In bloom the week of October 9

J.E. Shields
Sun, 09 Oct 2011 04:45:37 PDT
Sternbergia lutea is putting on a sparse show now.  The trees have grown so 
much since I first planted the Sternbergia that they are suffering from too 
much shade.  I'll have to move them to sunnier spots.  The Colchicum are in 
full bloom, but the Colchicum speciosum have only produces a half-dozen 
blooms this year.  They at least are in full sun, so maybe I need to feed them.

Brunsvigia litoralis is blooming in the greenhouse.  Both of my two plants 
are in bloom, so I'll try to make some seeds to share with the BX.  This is 
the only Brunsvigia that has made it all the way from seed to flowering for 
me.  Every other species I started from seed ended up dead after several 
years.  I started these seeds in 1999, and the first bloomed last year, so 
it took 11 years.

My Haemanthus 'Burgundy' hybrids are in bloom in the same greenhouse.  The 
bracts are a nice burgundy color like I've seen in no other 
Haemanthus.  The cross is [humilis hirsutus x coccineus].

Jim Shields

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