Blooming 5th October 2011

Ina Crossley
Tue, 04 Oct 2011 12:09:23 PDT
The Cyrtanthus Venus is flowering!  I am really pleased as it has been a 
learning curve as to growing conditions.  Bought it 2 years ago.  Last 
spring when it developed a scape, the scape just melted away after a bit.

So have kept it really dry all winter with obvious success.  I think it 
was Peter who said it is a Cyrtanthus Venus.  It doesn't go dormant, but 
I suspect our humid climate is not the best for it.  If it  is a 
Cyrtanthus Venus, it was bred by Hadeco in South Africa.  But they are 
not answering a request for growing conditions.

Strangely enough the parent plant was in a shady position and really in 
wet soil, yet it was flowering.…

Ina    Auckland New Zealand

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