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We have also been making quite a few bigeneric crosses this summer and one that was successful both ways is Crinum x lycoris.  I have read on-line that this was also made in Japan, but have never seen any photos.  Is anyone else familiar with these hybrids, and if so, is the offspring a winter grower or a summer grower?

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thought I would post a couple shots of seed I harvested today, showing some interesting results ...

this group, the result of crossing Amaryllis belladonna with pollen from Brunsvigia litoralis:


and the following group, the result of crossing another Amaryllis belladonna with pollen from Nerine angulata:


both mother plants are 6 years old ... and sprouted up where I discarded excess A.belladonna seed at that time, blooming for the second year in a row this year.

Ken Blackford
San Diego

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