The flowering desert

Fri, 14 Oct 2011 10:42:06 PDT

Rhodophiala uniflora is a synonym of R. pratensis according to the Kew
Plantlist. While respecting it, I sometimes have doubts about entries in
that list and I do not know if this synonimity has changed recently or not. 

It's a pity you did not go further north in this year, not that anyone could
guarantee that displays would have been greater there than further south but
rather that there was always the chance you would stumble across something
not reported before. 

I, for one, and for others as well, I suspect, would love to see some of
what must have been wonderful sights and displays. Thanks.

San Diego

Andrew asked,

I was curious as to whether you had come
>across Rhodophiala laeta and R. uniflora in Antofagasta Province. You 
>said you saw the former. Any images to be forthcoming?

We did not go north of Paposo, which is about 250 km south of the city of
Antofagasta. We saw Rhodophiala laeta in the coastal plain and canyons near
Paposo, growing in sandy, rocky soils elevated well above seasonal
drainages. Most plants were flowering on short (c. 
15-25 cm) stems. There was little color variation.

I have not previously encountered the name Rhodophiala uniflora. 
Where is it supposed to be, and who published the species?

If I have time this winter I will try to downsize some images and get them
on the wiki. Right now I have a bunch of bibliographies on medieval French
literature to edit.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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