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Hi Jim,
Could very well be, I will look next time I go down to WH or ask around.  WH is a pretty amazing place.
There is a green form of S kirkii, S. kirkii Superclone,that has more upright huge leaves and a similar flower, it is also an impressive plant that looks quite different from the copper colored variety.  I have one in my classroom and it is in one of my earlier blog posts, I was blown away when it first bloomed. 
Ernie DeMarie

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Ernie wrote: " the sanseviera is S. kirkii var pulchra.  Gets quite large and 
hen it flowers, the inflorescence is a huge spectacular rounded thing the size 
f a soccer ball. "

rnie, don't you think the plant in the center of the photo is 'Coppertone' or a 
imilar cultivar? The foliage at the edges of the photo looks like typical S. 
irkii pulchra to me.

y plant of S. kirkii pulchra has several inflorescences on the way up. It does 
ot bloom every year. 

im McKenney 
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