Clay vs plastic

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 19:14:58 PDT
For me this issue of clay is only for summer.  there is no use at all for 
them in winter, inside or out, since excess moisture is never an issue 
I really hate to have to bring plants inside in the summer because it has 
been wet for two weeks.
Perhaps the people talking about algae buildup are referring to winter. 
Another thing I like clay pots for are things with massive roots or corms
that want to be pot bound.
When they get too big they just brake the pot themselves or with the help of 
a hammer..  No struggling to cut it off without damaging the roots.
Frank Cooper

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Mary Sue was wondering when the big concern she had about clay would be 
No one has yet mentioned the big concern those of us in cold winter climates 
have: clay pots exposed to repeated freeze-thaw cycles crack.

Jim McKenney
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