Help requested - Brunsvigia josephinae rot <:-(

steven hart
Sun, 23 Oct 2011 02:28:28 PDT
Hello again, i've just got back from 3 days work, sorry for the slow

I have used these chemical combinations reluctantly & on a large ornamental
nursery scale. Yes they are effective to their target areas, as are all of
these sort of chemicals, & cover a reasonably broad spectrum in their
control areas. Although i couldn't tell you its specific target names before
you could google it.  I'm not recommending it but it would be likely
to work. Personally i don't like to overkill my plants because i understand
loss of biodiversity & because i believe in the symbiotic nature of things.
Having said that, you obviously still need to fungicide as soon as possible,
even if the initial cause had been insectivorous, the fungal damage is
evident now. Your problems may stop there if all goes well. If damage
causing insects are there, i cant imagine them liking a bath in this
stuff......but you will stop any fungal activity quite quickly.

I would personally opt for a respirator mask & gloves when applying this
product !!!  I have felt the cruel hand of long term chemical toxicity
from being forced to use large quantities of such chemicals, in combination
with others & i am now seriously allergic to many fungicides,  insecticides
& herbicides as a result, & i'm violently allergic to Rogar, i absolutely
cringe when I  hear people recommending it, even though it works so well. If
i am visiting the wholesale nurseries now days & rogar has been used, even
touching one leaf or smelling rogar fumes on the breeze will cause a
devastating & long lasting reaction for several days or weeks.

The toxicity cause, was direct long term exposure, with poor quality safety
equipment..... "Don't be fooled by people who claim these products are
safe"....................They are surely not !

So please take care, u cant ever get another u.........but u can buy another
bulb any day of a long life :-)

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 5:07 PM, Ken <> wrote:

> Hello all, and much THANKS to those who responded.
> For Hans ... I have only a few Hippeastrums, not nearby and which appear
> healthy.  I could see no obvious insects under a magnifying glass, but I
> know some can be microscopic.  At the recommendation of a local nurseryman,
> my first approach it to treat with a product called Physan 20.  It is
> labelled as an Algaecide, Fungicide, Bactericide and Virucide (!) with the
> following 2 active ingredients at 10% each:
> dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
> ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride
> Has anybody used and/or had successes with this product?
> Thanks again for all suggestions,
> Ken Blackford,
> San Diego
> --- On Sun, 10/16/11, Ken <> wrote:
> I discovered some rot in the upper old leaf bases of this Brunsvigia
> josephinae.  It bloomed in August and September this year ... and we had a
> freak heavy rainstorm then followed by warm weather ... which I suspect is
> responsible for this rot.  Any suggestions on treatment?  Sulphur?  A
> fungicide?
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