Help requested - Brunsvigia josephinae rot <:-(

steven hart
Sun, 16 Oct 2011 15:06:31 PDT
O what a catastrophe !!!   I hope this helps you & others...  I have had
this happen to Brunsvegia Josephinae crosses too, after repeated goat
attacks & with heavy spring rains at the same time. The little buggers
!...  I am predominantly an organic gardener, but have some prior
experiance in the field of rots from my wholesale nursery days.

I always keep some Fungarid handy for emergancies, so i used that. It is a
systemic fungaside 250g/kg FURALAXYL it targets dampening off & root rots
caused by Pythium & Phytophthopra & i also found it successful with
Rhizoctonia amongst other things. I have saved commersial batches of several
thousand plants at a time, in rows that 100 plants a night would die, so it
has well & truly proven its self to me. Mine grew a whole new centre almost
from the outside in, it took forever though. The same thing happened with
a beautiful pastel pink Belladonna & i was sure it was done for, i could
stick my whole thumb inside it, same treatment & it threw a bunch of offsets
& then after the second season it grew a new centre the whole time it held
water like a cup but was healthy inside so it did not rot again.

If i thought i was going to loose any of my cantelabra lilies i would  try
anything, fungicide, sulphur dusting, cleaning, i have even been known
to scrup out really bad rots in deep wounds with a cut down tooth brush
dipped in dilute chlorine, then rinse with water & fungicide, the sweet
little Bandicoots cause the wounds by mistake ( Bandicoot a little forest
animal about the size of a cat that love digging deep down beside bulbs to
find grubs & worms) a few of them can dig hundreds of fist size holes in a
night, most people would hate that but i use them to my advantage & roughly
scrape mulch soil or sand into the holes & the water penetration is
excellent, the bulbs flourish thanks to the little critters.

I bet my last remedy raises an eyebrow ! I hope there is no other organic
gardeners watching, i can here them whispering "chlorine" what was he
thinking he he :-)  But now days i usually leave it to byodiversity & i
rarely ever have any problems unless it is a byproduct of something like a
goat attack....My gardens are ritch with organic material which i till over
regularly & the worm & bacterial & fungal growth is excellent, my bulbs grow
like crazy !

I really hope u are successful in saving your bulb, it still looks very
savable to me.
Steven Hart, Esk Sub tropical Queensland Australia

On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 11:41 AM, Ken <> wrote:

> I discovered some rot in the upper old leaf bases of this Brunsvigia
> josephinae.  It bloomed in August and September this year ... and we had a
> freak heavy rainstorm then followed by warm weather ... which I suspect is
> responsible for this rot.  Any suggestions on treatment?  Sulphur?  A
> fungicide?

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