Clay vs plastic

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 05 Oct 2011 08:24:09 PDT
I have found this discussion interesting. It's good to learn the 
options and the advantages and disadvantages of each and how to get 
around some of the problems. I am glad that John Grimshaw mentioned 
the weight of clay as a disadvantage. That's a big one for me (as is 
using large particles of sand in the mix). I don't want to end up 
with a stress fracture from lugging around heavy pots. I kept 
wondering when that was going to be mentioned.  Not all of us are 
able to have greenhouses and plunge beds either to make clay pots 
work. In a climate like mine where it is very wet part of the year 
and very dry part of the year clay pots have another disadvantage. In 
the wet times the pots can turn green or black on the outside. We've 
not compared them with wood which I use sometimes. It may not last as 
long as other materials, but Jim Robinett a number of years ago 
suggested that I might have better luck with Calochortus in a wet 
climate planting in wood instead of plastic. Sun on black plastic 
would not be to the plants liking and wood would help with drainage as well.

Mary Sue

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