Sharing plants with others

Alberto Castillo
Sun, 11 Sep 2011 13:08:45 PDT

" if it were not for the dedication of Dell who has been in charge 
> since 2002 and helped IBS with the same before then. That's a very 
> long time to do such a time consuming job. No doubt some of the 
> offerings go to people who may not live in places where it will be 
> easy to grow what they order, but I'm sure we have a number of people 
> with success. When someone offers something they originally got from 
> the BX and continues the circle of giving it is especially nice."

While this is evidently true and we all thank Dell for his efforts, it would be unfair not mention that on many, I emphasize, many, occasions most or the whole burden of the BX was supported by Mary Sue's generous donations. Some times known items but on others very rare ones were supplied to be shared through the BX from her extensive collection. Keeping the BX on its feet is hard work and at certain times of the year the material available for sharing dwindles away and along comes Mary Sue with an injection of his seeds and bulbs.
If we have to thank all the efforts generously shared we can not fail to mention hers over years.

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