Intergeneric hybrids

jim lykos
Wed, 31 Aug 2011 22:59:40 PDT
Hi John

I have experimented with  intergeneric crosses between Amarygia/Amaryllis, 
Crinum sp and Brunsvigia sp. I have found that it is possible to breed 
Amaricrinum hybrids using 9 Crinum species to date. Some crosses are 
difficult and in almost all cases the cross is only successful if the Crinum 
sp. is the pollen parent.  - Amarygia (Brunsdonna) that are from F2..F3..F4 
generations are the most fertile and some are good seed parents for  crosses 
with Crinums and Brunsvigia's. Crinum x Brunsvigias can set some seed but 
most of the meager seed produced are small and lack vigour and the seedlings 
usually die in the first or second seasons.

The F1 seedlings from  Brunsdonna/Amarygia and Brunsvigia species tend to be 
infertile and  but some can be  backcrossed with F2...F4 Amarygia and 
Amaryllis. I have had on the other hand no success with sibling back crosses 
of  these F1 hybrids. Thus far  I have  flowered Amarygia x Brunsvigia both 
ways with  B. littoralis, josephinea and marginata - the floral colours are 
very similar but  the floral shapes are dominated by the Brunsvigia species 
involved.    I'm looking forward to trying  intergeneric crosses with B. 
bosmaniae and B. radulosa when they finally flower.  Once we have been able 
to flower genera such as Ammocharis, Hessea, Crossyne and Cybistetes, we 
should find that most of these will form hybrids with Amarygia/Amaryllis and 
of course some with Crinum spp.

Blue Mountains

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So, I have some of the Brunsdonnas from the PBS distribution years ago. And 
I have to say, more and more flower each year and amaze me.
This year, with inspiration from Ken's photos of his Boopharyllis, I have 
put pollen from my Boophane onto these plants. And just yesterday for the 
heck of it, I put pollen from a Crinum moorei on another plant.
Do I have any chance of these hybrids taking? Are others making crosses with 
these 4 genera? Am I just fooling myself that I could get these even bigger 
and better?
I did do crosses with Brunvigia littoralis pollen on them as well.

John Ingram in Camarillo, CA, between Santa Barbara and L.A. "Your Clivia Connection"
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