Saving Endangered Plants

J.E. Shields
Tue, 06 Sep 2011 16:47:29 PDT
It seems worthwhile to expand on the comments by Pamela Harlow that in 
nature, plants are coming from dynamic environments.  Just as for Pamel's 
home, my home was under 2 miles of ice just 20,000 years ago.  There was 
not a tree where my woods  is now when the ice melted just 12,000 years 
ago.  I suspect that the first Trillium returned to the then-nascent woods 
perhaps only 10,000 years ago.  What is in fact a "native" plant?  Go back 
to the previous interglacial period, maybe 120,000 years ago, and I suspect 
that the native species here were not the same species that we find in my 
woods today.

Environments are dynamic and constantly changing.  Almost all species are 
in constant flux.  These "fundamentalist" conservationists are living in a 
pre-Darwinian fantasy world that never did exist and never can.  Don't they 
have any grasp of modern biology?

Jim Shields

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