Tecophilaea Cyanocrocus

Joshua Young joshuakyleyoung@gmail.com
Sun, 04 Sep 2011 17:13:21 PDT

   I don't think it's just the younger crowd that are eagerly awaiting the
presence of the rarer Amaryllids into their collection considering their
beauty.  I think this is why it's important for many to share their
collections to avoid people for searching at whatever cost and it's quite
difficult to find many seasoned growers that are willing to offer offsets to
places like PBS of incredibly rare species.  It's also sad to see others
that do offer seed or offsets of rare species for prices in the several
hundreds of dollars making them even more unobtainable for many.

   Luckily there are some who are willing to donate offsets and seed and I
honestly think it does take a large amount of stress from wild populations.


On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 7:55 PM, Alberto Castillo

> Harold, you were present, along with Peter Goldblatt, Brian Mathew, Martyn
> Rix, Alan, Fred Meyer, Adrian, Chuck Hardman and scores of others when Mike
> Read and Faith Thompson Campbell unmasked the frantic Cyclamen plundering in
> Turkey. You were the Chairman of International Bulb Society in those glory
> days.
> The extent of the looting was such that even here in farway Argentina huge
> hederifolium tubers (dessicated and hopeless) were available for sale.
> Granted the leaading case was mirabile but the fact that ALL cyclamens are
> CITES plants for years indicates all species were threatened.
> Rodger, it was Stan Farwig, in all they were three letters and they
> appeared in Pacific Horticulture mag in the Readers Letters section. I would
> strongly recommend reading them to the generation of younger growers. that
> are so eager to obtain the rarest amaryllids "without asking much". Stan's
> arguments were demolishing. I don't remember the arguing was nasty, only
> that it exposed a founding father.......
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