What's blooming week of September 12

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Fri, 16 Sep 2011 07:23:56 PDT

Hi all,

We have more bloom.

Colchicum byzantinum has joined Colchicum cilicicum in bloom in the garden 
and lawn.

Cyclamen graecum has started blooming in the greenhouse.

In the other greenhouse, Haemanthus dasyphyllus has joined Haemanthus 
pubescens pubescens and H. pubescens arenicolus in blooming.  You can see 
the latter at:

H. albiflos is starting to bloom.  A few Haemanthus coccineus are in bloom, 
but most have not started yet.  Haemanthus barkerae is still in full bloom, 
as are all of the [barkerae x coccineus] and reverse cross seedlings.  No 
signs yet of H. crispus or H. lanceifolius.

One lone Nerine bowdenii is starting to bloom, far ahead of its conspecific 
siblings.  Nerine gracilis (or is it hesseoids?) is in full bloom.  Nerine 
filifolia is blooming.

We're having a first touch of Autumn, but still no frosts.  Nevertheless, 
all the Proiphys have been moved from the lath house into the greenhouses, 
along with the Eucharis grandiflora.  I'm not quite half way along in 
getting the Hymenocallis moved inside.  Both Haemanthus humilis ssp. as 
well as Haemanthus montanus and all the Cyrtanthus have been moved into the 
greenhouses.  The Scadoxus puniceus are all inside, but S. membranaceus and 
S. multiflorus katherinae are still out in the lath house.  We haven't even 
begun to move the Crinums yet; their pots tend to be heavy and have to wait 
till last.

Jim S.

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