Drimia (Urginea) maritima blooming time

Tony Avent Tony@plantdelights.com
Mon, 05 Sep 2011 11:05:37 PDT

Urginea maritima from our Crete expedition are in flower here in NC this week.  They were given only minimal irrigation this summer.

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Hello Andrew,

Hmmm ... you may be on to something with the irrigation issue.  I provide no additional water after the rains stop here (usually by April) ... but the specimens at both the Huntington and the LA Arboretum in Arcadia clearly are located where they receive supplemental Summertime water.


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Well, it's interesting, Ken. A friend in Escondido had them in bloom in July
as well. Here is why I ask about timing of bloom in different parts of
southern California. My suspicion, yet unproven, is that blooming does not
start until after leaves have dried up. When that occurs is, I think,
dependent, mainly on how much water, if any, it may have received during
summer. Summer temperatures in Pasadena, near the Huntington, are hotter
than here in the coastal areas of San Diego. The Huntington waters its
grounds in summer, which I rarely do, at least where the Urgineas clump.
Summer temperatures are similar to those of Pasadena in Escondido, about
thirty miles from the coast in San Diego county. However, at the seldom
watered site in Escondido, blooming occurred much earlier, similar but
slightly later than occurred here.

So, I'd be interested to hear if you, Ken, or others with similar climates,
could note the blooming time and whether water in summer had been provided.

San Diego

Hi Andrew ...

my own, too, also finished blooming in early August, so I was also surprised
to see them blooming at the Huntington.  I initially though perhaps because
they were growing in shade, but I also saw several blooming bulbs at the LA
Arboretum in nearly full sun.  Perhaps the climatic difference between here
(cool coastal San Diego) and there? (warm inland valley)

BTW ... back in the beginning of August, I found a new gopher hole and a
freshly dead mother gopher immediately next to my bulbs :-).   I suspect it
took a bite or nibbled on the roots or bulb, known to be a source of
rodenticide.  I do not like gophers ... and have been battling a new
infestation this summer.

Ken Blackford
San Diego

I was surprised to see your shot of Urginea maritima in  bloom in September
at the Huntington. They finished bloom here in early July.

San Diego

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