Lycoris in Maryland & KC

James Waddick
Thu, 01 Sep 2011 09:10:00 PDT
One of the members of our local rock garden group is a Lycoris 
enthusiast. He has obtained plants from all of the usual suspects 
(Chen Yi, Brent & Becky, Tony, Jim Waddick and others) and each year 
the variety of bloom gets better.

Please take a look here:

Dear Jim Mc,
	Nice pix. Only one seems 'iffy' that's your L. straminea. 
Just can't see it close enough to confirm ID.  Other wise all good 

	Here's some pix taken this season in my garden - all pix are 
in vaguely chronological order.…

	You do not need to be a member to look at this public link. 
All are named.

	Nos 54 and 55 are a very interesting hybrid that looks like a 
late blooming sibling to L. squamigera. Very subdued, but quite nice. 
As I mentioned earlier here's juts a few of the L. caldwellii going 
strong now at the end.

		Still Lycoris season in KC. 		Best	Jim W.
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