Growing Lilies in Tropical Climates?

James Waddick
Mon, 19 Sep 2011 10:39:49 PDT
Dear Friends,
	The following message came to me via the PBS web page. I am 
passing it along for your comments and suggestion.

From: brandon <grant@>

>	hi hello . my NAME is brandon i was watching on your website 
>different lilies. i live in the tropics [trinidad a twin island of 
>trinidad and tobago]. i love lilies with all my heart but as we know 
>lilies are from cold coutries i hope one day i can grow a lilum in 
>the tropics. after prolong research i found that a lilium was found 
>oth the tropics
>actually congo lilium formosanum.thus far i have collected Lilium 
>lancifolium \'Florepleno\'  and some asiatic.
>  i would like some advice please on growing lilium outdoors in the tropics
>motto; nothing is impossible.

	Please reply direct to Brandon and copy to this list.	Thanks	Jim

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