What's blooming this week -20 September

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Thu, 22 Sep 2011 15:03:25 PDT
Outdoors, many Colchicum are in bloom:  cilicicum came first, then 
byzantinum and now 'The Giant' and bornmuelleri.  One lone Crinum 
bulbispermum has sent up a last-of-the-season rebloom scape.  It's quite 
nice to see at this time of the year.  A Scilla whose name I've forgotten 
has naturalized itself all over one area, and is now showing a mass of 
pinkish blooms.

In the greenhouses, many Haemanthus are still blooming, including 
coccineus, crispus, and lanceifolius, as well as good old 
albiflos.  Cyclamen graecum, one of the few species of cyclamen that seems 
to survive my harsh greenhouse conditions in summer, is 
blooming.  Zephyranthes longifolia and Z. minima are blooming as 
well,  They do amazingly well if one waters them occasionally.

In the orchard, the Carpathian (hardy English) walnuts are just about 
finished and the Chinese Chestnuts are just getting started.  The question 
is, did we get the spraying timed right this summer, or are we going to 
have piles of wormy chestnuts?  Even the !@~#$%+?^&*! squirrels won't eat 
the wormy nuts.

Jim S.

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