Growing Lilies in Tropical Climates?

Rahul Grant
Tue, 20 Sep 2011 13:39:06 PDT
Hi all. Im new to this group. Just joined. Thanks to everyone and James Waddick  for your responses. I will take the advice/ information given. I recently got 3 bulbs of lilium lancifolium flore pleno. So ill see how well this grow. Ive read that a form of lilium formosanum /lilium zairii has been found naturallized in the Congo, Africa. Is this form of lilium formosanum/zairii in cultivation or for sale? Its leaves and stems look very tough in the pictures like it can withstand alot of heat. Id like to try this one. And for the lily browni you guys mentioned, it also from what I read can tolerate heat.
And a question for David Boucher. What are your maximum temps and how do those lilies you've mentioned, that do well for you, respond to your maximum temps? Usually most things that grows in USDA zone 10 and 11 ( amd some plants from zone 9) does well here in my country. However, Im not sure about lilies cause Ive read they like cool and even though some are from sub/tropical climates they seem to be from high mountains which would be cooler.
Thanks everyone for your help
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tropical maritime climate
average max temp 34C

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