Lycoris in Maryland

Jim McKenney
Thu, 01 Sep 2011 07:07:52 PDT
One of the members of our local rock garden group is a Lycoris enthusiast. He has obtained plants from all of the usual suspects (Chen Yi, Brent & Becky, Tony, Jim Waddick and others) and each year the variety of bloom gets better. He wrote a piece on Lycoris for our current bulletin, and his partner gave me access to their photo archives. I pulled seventeen images to make a little Lycoris gallery for the bulletin. 

Please take a look here:

I supplied the names, and some are based on pure guesswork on my part. If you see something which is egregiously wrong, please let me know!

I used an image of Lycoris sprengeri, which I think of as the poor man's Worsleya, as the centerpiece.

Did I overdo it with the Lycoris sanguinea images? Maybe, but that color is so unusual in the genus, and this species (which is known to have been grown successfully in Boston, Mass a century ago), has never become common in our gardens.


Jim McKenney

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