Allium tuberosum and bees

bulborum botanicum
Wed, 14 Sep 2011 00:01:59 PDT
Hello Mark

All Scilla's , Hyacinthoides non-scripta  Almost all Allium's

Not the nectaroscordum (for me not an Allium) I have never seen a bee on it
same for daffodils and tulips
most Amaryllidaceae are not interesting
maybe because the sugar level is to low to attract bees

almost all Liliaceae
and nothing to do with bulbs
all Salix are important for bees for there pollen
but there are fantastic books to find plants for bees
and probably if you google pollen-plants or nectar-plants
you get loads of info


2011/9/14 Mark BROWN <>:
> Hello James and all,
> I am collating, for local bee-keepers, data on garden plants that are of interest for bees.

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