Saving Endangered Plants

Robin Carrier
Tue, 06 Sep 2011 08:46:00 PDT
didn't all plants  originally come from nature? ( so we could all kill them 
three times)

robin carrier

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> Shirley:
> I'm glad you posted a note about the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC). 
> Although their mission is good, I have found them to be one of the most 
> elitist organizations that I've ever encountered.  They seem more 
> interested in patting each other on the back than actually accomplishing 
> anything.  In talking with them, they seem to have no interest in 
> commercial nurseries or private collectors, since in their eyes, we are 
> the great "unwashed". We don't understand the "problems" inherent with 
> growing endangered plants...all rare plants must remain exactly where they 
> are today, unless academic bureaucrats decide its okay to relocate them. 
> They dismiss all nurseries and horticulture in general because we are evil 
> commercial ventures only wanting to exploit plants.
> As I've tried to explain to several members, the nursery industry would be 
> the perfect partner, not only in being able to actually grow the plants, 
> but we could do wonders with ex-situ conservation by spreading the plants 
> around widely to collectors in this changing climate. We would have many 
> more Federally Endangered plants in our catalog if it were not for this 
> bunch of bureaucrats...along with those from the US Fish and Wildlife.  Do 
> you know that to legally grow and sell Federal Endangered plants, you must 
> prove that by doing so, you will help the wild populations.  Common sense 
> would say that as long as you aren't harming the wild population, this 
> should be adequate. The CPC absolutely do not want endangered plants in 
> private hands since the idea that they might wind up in a new location 
> gives them fits...think Linda Blair from the Exorcist.  Evidently, I 
> missed the memo where someone put them in charge of keeping nature in 
> exactly the same place as it is today....quite
>  bizarre. In my logical world, a functional CPC would be passing out 
> propagation material of endangered plants to nurseries and encouraging 
> them to get it propagated and sold.
> Until we can get folks with more common sense, I don't hold much hope for 
> the group actually accomplishing anything meaningful.  How about it 
> Shirley...are you up to the task?
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> Are many of you in the U.S. aware of the Center for Plant Conservation, 
> headquartered at the Missouri Botanic Garden in St. Louis?
> Their mission is to conserve and restore the imperiled native plants of 
> our country.  It is a consortium of Botanic Gardens and Arboreta across 
> the country, including New York BG, Arnold Arboretum. Fairchild, Univ. of 
> Washington, Desert Botanical Garden, Missouri Botanical Garden, Brooklyn 
> Botanic Garden, Historic Bok Sanctuary, Flagstaff, AZ; Red Butte, Santa 
> Barbara, Morton Arboretum, Arizona-Sonora Desert, Cinncinnati Zoo and BG, 
> Chicago Bot. Garden, New England Wildflower, Denver Bot. Garden, North 
> Carolina BG, Waimea Valley BG. New York BG, Rancho Santa Ana BG, State 
> Botanical Garden of Georgia, Chicago BG, National Tropical BG, Holden 
> Arboretum,, Minnesota, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Cornell 
> Plantation and Honolulu BG.
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