what's blooming this week

Kathleen Sayce ksayce@willapabay.org
Mon, 12 Sep 2011 10:39:02 PDT
Here in the coastal Pacific Northwest, after the hottest weather of the year (mid 80s, don't get excited, no triple digit temperatures here this year), Leucojum autumnalis has popped up the very first flowers, the patch of Amaryllis belladonna is in full flower, as is Cyclamen hederifolium.  A new bulb to me, Zephryanthes grandiflora, with lovely large pink flowers, is also in full bloom. 

The lilies are near the end, with Lilium lancifolium and L. 'Black Beauty' opening their last flowers, and L. rubrum about to open its first bud.  The rest have varying numbers of seed pods starting to ripen. I had time this year to boost pollination and selfed a few of them, so hope for some seed pods later on, if storms don't knock down the stalks. Also a surprise: a red flowered day lily has a nice pod ripening. I'm generally not very interested in this genus, slugs find them too attractive in my climate, so may send any seeds it produces to the seed exchange, if others are interested. 


PNW coast, cool dry summers, mild wet winters, salty and windy, gardening in silty sand on Willapa Bay

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