Saving Endangered Plants

Pamela Harlow
Tue, 06 Sep 2011 09:48:42 PDT
The logic is almost pre-Darwinian--a place for everything, and everything in
its place, all orchestrated by the ultimate bureaucrat--God.

I organize plant sales twice a year for a Seattle conservation group.
Naturally, they want to see lots of northwest natives on the tables, and I
honor this.  At every sale, someone wants to argue about the definition of
"native".  Many people insist that our native flora should be confined to
those plants present at first European contact.  Totally arbitrary!  Why not
pre-Ice Age?  Leaving aside the issue of botanical manipulation by
indigenous people, the most recent ice sheet was deep enough here to bury
the Space Needle four times over.  Every plant here had to migrate back and
re-colonize.  Who's to say that that process is finished?

Nature will never fit neatly into static categories.

Pamela Harlow
Original message:

 Evidently, I missed the memo where someone put them in charge of keeping
nature in exactly the same place as it is today....quite bizarre.

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