might be of interest Sinningia speciosa (Gloxinia)

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Wed, 21 Sep 2011 11:02:44 PDT
I wonder if that one is Sinningia eumorpha, the true species that was hybridized with S. speciosa and others to give rise to the many hybrids we see nowadays... I find that some Sinningia species do produce tubers from stolon-like protuberances arrising from the main one. One of the most "prolific" ones is Sinningia tubiflora. But i guess that thye modern hybrids lost this feature and wont produce additional tubers.

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Dear All,

I have bought a white flowered Gloxinia a few weeks ago, unfortunately it
had root rot, and eventually the plant died. I just wanted to throw it away,
when I checked if the soil is dried out, and I found a tuber about an inch
across. That is the second time this plant surprises me. About 10 years ago
I got a Gloxinia and we accidenatlly broke off the stem from the roots. I
put the flowering shoot in potting soil and left it in our garage. The plant
also wilted and just after the first frost I saw it grow a tuber in the
soil, but the frost killed it.

So wow again! This plant really wants to live :)

Z5a, Hungary

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