What's blooming week of 9-20

Max Withers maxwithers@gmail.com
Fri, 23 Sep 2011 10:21:40 PDT
A single Crocus cartwrightianus and one Colchicum have popped up this 
week. This morning I spotted the first leaf on a Boophane haemanthoides 
I planted this summer -- the other amaryllids, both new and established, 
are still dormant.

I was very pleasantly surprised to get one Nerine sarniensis bloom a few 
weeks ago from a batch that I moved last summer, after they failed to 
bloom for several years.

My new Tropaeolum tricolor seem to be doing well after they emerged 
unexpectedly early from dormancy and I started watering them about a 
month ago.

I'm about to pot up a number of (mostly) California natives that have 
been sitting in the garage all summer. It will be interesting to see if 
any have initiated root growth yet.

Max Withers
Oakland CA
Conditions similar to Michael's but a few degrees cooler and perhaps 
more fog drip.

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