Root growth initiation

Max Withers
Sun, 25 Sep 2011 20:35:57 PDT
Saturday I finally went through 32 4" pots of bulbs that I had (mostly)
started from seed in 2007 or 2008. The pots stay in the garage all summer to
keep from baking too much. The garage has one window, so it is not
completely dark. I was interested to learn which had initiated root growth,
and which had run out of room at the bottom of their pots.

Of the South African species (Romulea monadelpha, sabulosa, unifolia;
Babiana ringens, villosa; Freesia laxa, refracta; Geissorhiza radians,
splendidissima; Lachenalia orchidoides) none had initiated growth, and only
the Freesias had pulled themselves to the bottom of their pots. The
Lachenalia looked like they might just be starting shoots, but not roots.
(L. aloides v. quadricolor in another pot that stayed out all summer
is already shooting up, but that is my earliest blooming Lachenalia).


Allium amplectens and Triteleia hyacinthina had started root growth, and
the Triteleia was down at the bottom of its pot.

7 Calochortus spp. were all at the bottom of their pots, and none had
initiated growth -- except Calochortus dunnii, which had started growing,
and was only about halfway down. (Most of my Calochortus tags were lost, so
I'm not sure what I have left, except dunnii, catalinae, kennedyi, and

Neither Fritillaria eastwoodiae nor recurva had started growth yet. The
surviving bulbs were towards the middle of their pots.

I was rewarded today for my very belated labor by our first rain showers of
the season -- only 3 months after last year's final precipitation.

Max Withers
Oakland CA

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