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Jane McGary
Tue, 13 Sep 2011 19:07:43 PDT
If we could avoid the one-upsmanship and bureaucratic nonsense 
associated with the National Collections scheme in the UK, I think 
this is a good idea. Keep it simple, though.

I probably don't have enough Calochortus species to quality as a 
collection holder; I'm short on the high-=altitude ones and don't 
have a single Mexican species (I would love to grow them but have 
never seen seed of anything except C. barbatus).

I do probably have the most complete collection of Fritillaria 
species in North America, but again, I am missing the species of the 
Far East. My collection is also strong, though by no means complete, 
in the Hyacinthaceae. I have all the Sternbergia except S. 
colchiciflora, but John Lonsdale I believe has that one.

I'd be glad to discuss this initiative more with enthusiasts.

Jane McGary

At 11:20 PM 9/12/2011, you wrote:
>Tom wrote:
> >> Why not establish an informal network of US-based 'International
>I really, really, really like Tom's idea.
>To build on it a little bit, here's what I picture:
>--A collection holder would be recognized by us (the PBS) as someone with
>expertise and enthusiasm about a particular genus, plus a good collection of
>it.  As Tom mentioned, we could have more than one collection holder for a
>genus, and in fact that would be better because we'd be less at risk of
>losing rare species to a single disaster.
>To give a couple of examples, I think Bob Werra would qualify for Moraea,
>and Jane McG. for Calochortus (and for a lot of other things).
>--We would identify collection holders on the wiki.
>--Collection holders would be informal information sources on the genus.  If
>you have a question about how to grow it, they'd be a good resource to ask.
>--Collection holders would also attempt to spread the genus by sharing seeds
>and excess corms.
>--Finally, collection holders would be expected to make plans to preserve
>their collections after they're no longer around.  This could be facilitated
>through the PBS.  For example, if I get hit by a bus, my wife has
>instructions to call Mary Sue and invite the PBS over to take charge of my
>Most of those are things we'd all do anyway, so what's the incentive to be a
>collection holder?  Status, for one thing.  But also, we all ought to also
>make sure that a collection holder gets first crack at a rare species when
>seed of it becomes available, on the assumption that they'll have the best
>chance of propagating it successfully and sharing it with others.
>What do you think?
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