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Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 21 Sep 2011 07:35:22 PDT

There are more than 550 email addresses subscribed to this free pbs 
list. Membership in the paid Pacific Bulb Society is not required to 
subscribe to the pbs list or to post to the pbs list or to 
participate in the pbs wiki. Since the pbs list is private in the 
sense that email addresses are hidden from other subscribers, the 
only way we know where people live is when they post and include this 
information. The majority of the subscribers do not post so it is 
impossible to answer a question about where people on the pbs list live.

On the other hand the Pacific Bulb Society sends out a membership 
directory every other year that lists contact information and 
interests and other information people choose to share with other 
paid members of the group. It is one of the benefits of joining  and 
paying the modest annual membership fee ($20 for people in the US) 
and ($25 for others) along with the BX and the quarterly publication, 
The Bulb Garden.

 From my experience it has been wonderful meeting with people from 
around the world who are  interested in growing bulbs. I consider 
some of these people I have met to be my best friends and before the 
Internet I never would have found them.

Subscribers who live in New Zealand may want to contact Ina Crossley.
Ina Crossley <klazina1 at>

Those in Australia may want to contact Shelley Gage.
<sgage4 at>
(I'm spelling out the @, but you'll need to send messages in the 
normal email fashion.)

There is an Australian_Bulb list on Yahoo and an AB_images list on 
Yahoo. Both have subscribers from Australia and other countries. Some 
people from Australia who are interested in bulbs are on those lists 
and not ours, but there are some common members of both.

Mary Sue
pbs list administrator

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