Botanic Gardens and Seed Exchanges

Diane Whitehead
Wed, 07 Sep 2011 15:01:27 PDT
On 7-Sep-11, at 1:56 PM, MARK MAZER AND FREDRIKA MAZER wrote:

The Botanical Society of South Africa stopped offering seed from
Kirstenbosch  to US members years ago.


I'm a bit vague on this - I think giving free seeds for overseas  
members was stopped, but there is a catalogue of seeds one can buy.  I  
applied for this, but didn't order any because of a caution in it  
based on the Rio Convention about not being allowed to select or  
hybridize their seeds.  I think there was something about not selling  
the resulting plants, too.  I occasionally select (though my climate  
usually does this without any effort on my part), hybridize and sell,  
so I didn't buy any Kirstenbosch seeds.

Well, not from their catalogue, anyway.  When I visit Kirstenbosch and  
buy seeds in their shop, there are no restrictions on what I do with  
the resulting plants.

Diane Whitehead

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