Ipomoea pandurata

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Sun, 25 Sep 2011 20:01:58 PDT
Bah.  I forgot to explain something else, that's very important:  How
I successfully germinated Ipomoea pandurata!

When I picked seeds in mid-winter the first time, I didn't know about
the beetles.  None of the seeds I planted germinated.

When I picked seeds in mid-winter the next time, I knew about the
beetles, and kept the seeds frozen in my freezer.  Around March, I
think, I unfroze some of them... filed a portion of the hard seed coat
off... and then soaked them in warm water over night.  The seeds
swelled up, and I planted them in pots.  They germinated readily!

And so... I think the trick with this technique was that the beetles
never had enough time to hatch and damage the seed embryo.

No, I didn't successfully raise the plants to maturity but I think
that was due to starting them indoors too soon... having inadequate
lighting... and so on.  In future, I'll direct sow them outside in
April or May.

If other PBSers followed a similar technique, it would likewise
prevent the eggs from hatching.  So..... anyway.  Just more info to
digest & consider.  I'm eager to hear feedback.

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