Collection holders

Robert Pries
Tue, 13 Sep 2011 13:01:56 PDT

Tony; As you know I believe the system of National collections is very important and I wish we were as far along as in the United Kingdom. I apologize for not being able to follow through with the Rain Lilies. As you noted We are all stretched thin. I consider the Iris Encyclopedia a valuable precursor to National Collections And it was inspired by the PBS wiki. I have much of the bureaocracy in place now within the Iris Society to be able to see a cooperative venture on the National Collections with APGA. I think it is entirely feasible for PBS to do the same. In England the National collectons are not just held by institutions but by individual specialists also. I believe that one should not loose sight of the fact that National Collections have as a primary goal preservation. It may be an undue burdon on some to have to distribute plants also. The goal is to have the plants extant and be able to provide material when necessary to restart the plant in general cultivation. T
 he sticking point as I see it is for individuals to make the necessary legal documents to ensure that collections can be transferred if the owner dies. I think it would be great if PBS could start such a project. Although the paperwork is extensive, it is, simply put, a record of what is in a collection, data about those accessions, and locations in the garden of the specimens so they might be able to be found after the demise of the collection holder. All that can amount to lots of paperwork especially if the information is updated yearly but without that, the collection is only functional during the life of the holder.

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