Albuca shawii

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 15 Sep 2011 22:10:18 PDT
On 15-Sep-11, at 5:52 PM, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> From Mountain Flowers by Elsa Pooley:
> Albuca shawii
> 150-400 mm. on cliffs, in rocky grassland, up to 2400 m. E Cape to
> Limpopo Prov. Leaves covered with **short sticky hairs**. Flowers
> few, more or less 15 mm, yellow, **nodding**, scented (Sep-Feb.)
> ** is used to indicate the important distinguishing features

It looks as though we have a good selection in cultivation, then, as  
it does not have "few" flowers, but about a dozen, each on a long  
pedicel so that the flowers are held gracefully out from the stem.

Yes, the short sticky hairs are distinctive, and the leaves smell  
good.  I have seen different descriptions of the scent, some saying  
like anise.  I think it smells more like a conifer, so I went around  
the yard, pinching the needles on all my conifers, and decided it was  
most like Alberta spruce - Picea glauca.

(I've just looked this up, and back east they consider this spruce  
smells like a skunk.  I can assure you neither my Alberta spruce nor  
my Albuca smell bad.)

Mine flowered in three years from seed.

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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