Saving Endangered Plants

Richard Kyper
Tue, 06 Sep 2011 18:58:17 PDT
Hi  Bulb Enthusiasts,
First off,   what if the plant won't die after 3 attempts to kill it?
It's great to see the adrenalin flowing on the subject of endangered  
species, plant procurement from academic  and conservation sources.
This falls right in line with my pleas, begging, promising, and  
cajoling  several Botanic gardens   to open the seed bank purse  
strings, so to speak, to trade, or sell.
I'm convinced that many such institutions, in their Ivory Tower, revel  
in having exclusives, under the guise of being the ONLY responsible   
and knowledgeable  institution or committee  who knows how to handle   
this material.    Its frightening to think, but yes, it happens  that  
institutions have suffered losses  from plant liberations.
Perhaps, this could be , in part, due, to  not making  things  
available .   I detest stealing.  It's not necessary.
Nothing is worth it.  But, I can understand how it might lead some  
into temptation. We ARE human.
I personally vote for  sharing with nurseries, generous collectors,  
serious groups(PBS perhaps?)
What overall good does it do anyone, or the plants to keep them under  
lock and key for private  coddling?
Lastly, Veratrum viride. Hardly,,, hardly endangered.     I know of  
FIELDS, wet fields full of them.
A pinch of seed is NOT going to send this genus / species  into  
troubled waters  of  endangerment.
Rick>>>>> steps down from the soap box

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