Veratrum viride

David Ehrlich
Tue, 06 Sep 2011 11:34:44 PDT
Isn't Veratrum viride eschscholtzianum common everywhere in the montaine West 
from Tahoe north?  It shouldn't hurt for you to take some seed;  I doubt that 
you could propagate it from a cutting.

David E.

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I uploaded A picture from Veratrum viride RBGG Idaho peak syn.V
if you want you can use it for the wiki
We took a small part from the giant motherplant
but it didn't survive the trip
I know where the motherplant is
so one day I go to collect seeds



2011/9/6 Mary Sue Ittner <>

> We very much appreciate Tom Mitchell's improvements to the Veratrum
> wiki page. I agree that his text is excellent and he has added some
> splendid photographs.

R de Boer
La Maugardiere 1

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