Tecophilaea Cyanocrocus

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Sun, 04 Sep 2011 16:09:22 PDT
On 3 Sep 2011, at 9:55, Jane McGary wrote:

> The description of the wild habitat published several years ago in 
> the Chilean botanical journal Gayana reminded me of the habitats of 
> deciduous Lewisia species in the North American West: dirt and scree 
> slopes, very moist in spring from snowmelt and dry in summer. In 
> fact, I enjoy growing Lewisia oppositifolia and L. brachycalyx next 
> to Tecophilaea; they flower at the same time and are beautiful 
> together. Another pretty combination is with the deep yellow 
> Fritillaria pudica.

Would it be fair, then, to describe tecophilaea as a snowmelt species?

I ask because to my small mind, snowmelt species are quite difficult to grow in 
captivity, but tecophliaea is reasonably easy to grow.

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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