Seed Exchanges

Tom Mitchell
Wed, 07 Sep 2011 12:30:25 PDT
I think the PBS BX is the best seed exchange in operation, bar none. My vote for second place would go the the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Lily Group, which has an incredible offering of accurately named Lilium seed every December but also a respectable list of other seed sent in by members. The group operates the sensible policy of sending the list to donors two weeks before anyone else gets it. Pour encourager les autres...


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> Judy,
> Let's not forget our very own BPS BX exchange. We are close to our 300th
> offering and it may reach that number by the end of the year! This means
> that from the 10 years that PBS has been in existence, we have provided an
> average of 30 offerings per year. As far as I know, all of this distribution
> came from the amazing and tireless efforts of Dell Sherk and his helpers. I
> think for a small society, we're doing very well and our BX is as healthy as
> ever with new and interesting material coming in all the time.
> Nhu

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