Tecophilaea Cyanocrocus

Matt Mattus mmattus@charter.net
Sat, 03 Sep 2011 08:40:28 PDT
I've been wondering this year why Tecophilaea are more affordable than in
past years. Many Dutch bulb distributors and retailers are offering
Tecophilaea for prices that I have never seen before ( Brent & Becky's:
$6.50 per bulb; Paul Christian: £6 each), still costly unless you purchase
in volumes of 50 as I did, then they are less than $5 per bulb.

This lead me to believe that they someone is micropropagating them now, does
anyone know?

Last year, bulbs were $12-18US$, 2 years ago, $25 each, and the year before
that. Although still costly, they are trending down lower than ever before.
I can't imaging Dutch growers selling them for less due to demand from
consumers being so low, anyway.

Also, some mass retailers listed them at hardy to zone 3, which I thought
was funny.

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA.

On 9/3/11 8:51 AM, "Alberto Castillo" <ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Jim, because the whole original population was dug and taken to Holland. From
> then on there was no chances for alternative pricing. Only one supplier, only
> one price.
> But, now they are a lot more widespread thanks to skilled and generous
> growers. It has been offered through our own BX. Seeds are quite large and
> germination in fresh seed is excellent.
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