New allium on Mystery Bulbs page

Mark McDonough
Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:22:42 PDT

"Linda Foulis" <> wrote:
> I've added an Allium to the Mystery Bulbs page.  I've had it for many 
> years
> but have never been able to accurately ID it.  It blooms late summer 
> and
> well into September as long as we don't get an early frost.  It has 
> round
> black seeds and comes true from seed, maybe because I don't have any 
> other
> allium blooming that late in the year.  Strap like bluish foliage, 
> grows
> about 1 foot tall.
> Does anyone else grow Allium trifoliatum and can confirm this?
> Thanks
> Linda Foulis
> Red Deer, AB

Linda, your mystery allium is Allium tuberosum.

Allium trifoliatum is a late spring blooming species, and it is most 
definitely not that species.

Mark McDonough
The Onion Man :-)
USDA Zone 5
Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border

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