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James Waddick
Tue, 13 Sep 2011 12:34:19 PDT
>Yes, the American Public Gardens Association maintains the North American
>Plant Collections Collaborative (NAPCC).
>Jim Waddick, do you think this is something that PBS would be interested in

Dear Boyce,
	As you know plant conservation - or precisely BULB 
conservation - is a topic very close to the core of PBS.

	We've had some very tempered, yet expansive discussions 
showing widely divergent understanding of the problems. I am sure 
this is a topic that will go under discussion of the PBS Board of 
Directors.  I suspect we will form a committee and review exactly 
what we can or should do. I must say that PBS is physically a very 
small organization and this is a very large subject to pursue. 
Establishing a central clearing house for specialty/ conservation 
bulb collections will require quite a bit of work, always a difficult 
attribute among volunteers.

	I assure you the topic will come to the board and soon.

	Meanwhile, I'd like to get a call from members of both this 
elist and the paid PBS membership asking for volunteers who might 
have some special organizational skills, computer data management and 
related abilities. I'd appreciate any related suggestions, but will 
mostly keep these in a single 'electronic file' until we have some 
discussion among the board if this is project we should agree to use 
our limited energies on pursuing.

	Please drop me a SHORTnote at indicating 
your specific interests, related abilities and willingness to assist. 
We may even call for some increased funding to support the 
establishment of a major effort.

	Personally I think it is great if we could all work together, 
meaning both among the PBS Family and with other agencies such as 
NAPCC or the CPC to actually conserve bulbs in cultivation.

		Encouragingly		Jim W.
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