Amarygia progress

Michael Mace
Thu, 29 Sep 2011 21:48:36 PDT
Ken, I'm having a lot of fun watching your Amarygias develop.  Thanks for
sharing the photos.

I was interested by the photo you posted of one of the siblings to that
flower, which looks a lot like a typical Amaryllis hybrid:…

Do you remember if this came from one of the tiny seeds that you sometimes
get from Amarygia crosses, or a larger seed?  I'm wondering if the seed
size/color corresponds to the type of flower you get.

I got flowers this fall from some hybrids of B. josephinae and a Les
Hannibal Amaryllis.  They looked a lot like the typical Hannibal Amaryllis,
so I thought the seedlings must have been apomictic or an accidental cross
from some Amaryllis pollen that blew in.  But seeing your sibling photo, I'm
starting to wonder if I did get a real cross that just doesn't express a lot
of josephinae characteristics.  In particular, there's one plant that has
flowers with strangely twisted tepals.  You can see it here:…

Or maybe it's just a Hannibal hybrid with twisted tepals.  I'd appreciate
comments from more knowledgeable growers than me.

San Jose, CA

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