What's blooming now - week of Sept 12, 2011

Marek Walnik mwalnik@wodip.opole.pl
Mon, 12 Sep 2011 11:57:12 PDT
As I stated earlier, I am gardening now only on windowsills – at home, at 
work, and at my mothers. This year’s summer was not favorable for my plants. 
Now only Zephyranthes candida is in bloom. I did not hope that it would 
flower at all, as I had to repot it – the crowding bulbs burst their pot. 
But some bulbs are flowering now – it is their normal time here.
By the way – how to name the scent of flowers of Z. candida?
Z. grandiflora was flowering all the summer at my mothers.
Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katharinae, that used to flower on August missed 
its flowering for the second year. Eucharis grandiflora I had to put half a 
meter farther from a window, and it seems to be for it to far to bloom this 
So I must to satisfy of my cacti – they flower this year one flower after 
another but all the summer.

Marek Walnik, Glucholazy, PL (about 50,32 N, 17,38 E)

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