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Ceridwen Lloyd
Fri, 09 Sep 2011 01:39:34 PDT
Where, by the way, the slugs have truncated ALL of my fritillaria except for affinis, Lilium grayi is just peeping forth (I am zone 9 with 650mm annual rainfall so this is a somewhat optimistic planting) and the Nomocharis have refused to show themselves.
I can however grow a ghastly acid-yellow oxalis, locally known as "soursobs", in vast quantities. Oh well.

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On 09/09/2011, at 2:09 PM, James Waddick <> wrote:

>  Dear Friends,
>         A few weeks ago PBS produced its very first color promotional 
> materials, a set of four color bookmarks illustrating some favorite 
> bulbous subjects. They are a Parrot Tulip, a Tecophilea, a 
> Fritillaria and a Calochortus. All of them are gorgeous and useful to 
> mark books, of course, but very informative too.
>         We have sent out several dozen to bulb related meetings and 
> every new member who joins PBS gets one in the introductory 
> materials. Members of this list have shown an interest in getting 
> these book marks.
>         We'd like to make them widely available to promote the 
> organization, this elist and recruit new members.
>         So if you'd like a single book mark (no choice) send your 
> name and mailing address ( US only) by private email to the PBS 
> Treasurer ArnoldTrachenberg at 
> <<>>. He'll 
> send you one book mark FREE of charge.
>         If you'd like a set of 4 different book marks, send Arnold a 
> $2 payment to PayPal along with you full name and mailing address.
>         Order more than one set of four in multiples of 4 at the same 
> price per set i.e 2 sets for a $4 PayPal payment, etc.
>         Foreign requests will be dealt with individually by country. 
> Write Arnold before sending any payment.
>        Arnold's PBS PayPal account is
>         If you have any official bulb related organization that you 
> would like to promote PBS at a meeting, contact Arnold for bulk 
> supplies.
>         These are beautiful useful and fun to share.          Enjoy 
>        Jim W and for Arnold T.
> -- 
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