Moderation hold removed

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 15 Sep 2011 07:43:33 PDT

I have approved the messages that came in yesterday after all the old 
ones finally went through. A few I deleted (like a notice of the 
problem) or redirected to the correct source when they came to the 
list and should have been sent privately. It appears that ibiblio 
released messages that had been delayed (and some from quite some 
time) all at once. Other lists experienced the same thing, but not in 
such volume as our list. Some of you responded to the old messages 
like the Fritillaria message from April so I approved those messages too.

Since I tried to contact you all individually, I've uncovered a lot 
of other problems to deal with now. So if you have written me 
privately and asked me to unsubscribe you, I will get to it. The 
message I sent out last night did not have a virus so please do not 
worry. We are now left with 18 old messages from 6 people.

As I have time I'll contact those six and see if they would like me 
to approve their messages now or just add them to the archives for 
the correct month since David Pilling is working on a new location 
for the archives and can do this. The other choice is to delete them 
as they are now old news. If more messages come in from the past it 
is because people chose to have them delivered now.

Mary Sue

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