yellow flowered bulb

Ina Crossley
Fri, 16 Sep 2011 20:16:19 PDT
Last year I was trying to find out what this bulb was.  I was given the 
name, however, I didn't put a label with the plant and the computer died 
at some stage, so have no record of it.

I think it is a Sparaxis, but I cannot see it in the Wiki.  I seem to 
remember that usually Sparaxis does not come true from seed.  Except one 
from Italy I think.

This one definitely comes true from seed, have been weeding the 
seedlings out, which were coming up in a garden away from this plant, so 
wasn't sure what the bulbs were, planted them in a spot where I would 
remember them and they are the same as the parent plant.  So they spread!

The flowers have a brown sheath over them before they open.  Which I 
remember is typical of this bulb.

They are a nice looking lot of flowers in the garden so I will keep them.

So who knows what it is?   It is somewhere on the Wiki.…

Ina Crossley

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