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Robert Pries
Tue, 13 Sep 2011 05:38:28 PDT
As Tomy has already pointed out there is a system of National Collections that works very much as the first post proposesd. At present only institutions like botanical gardens are a part. The program is organised through the American Public Gardens Association (APGA). This has been a topic that has interested me for several decades, ever since the book The Vanishing Garden was published. Years back I corresponded with the Secretary of the National Council for Conservation of Plants and Gardens in England, Which runs the program in England. In England Individuals as well as institutions participate. A couple of years ago I approached the APGA once again to see if they would have any interest in includeding individuals and in particular Plant Societies in the program that was redeveloping. I found a receptive audience. Since My greatest involvement is with the Iris Society I took the idea to the Board of Directors of the American Iris Society (AIS). The board approved my propos
 al to work with the APGA in establishing a working relationship for the purpose of developing Iris Gardens. Tony is correct in saying that there are quite a number of rules and regulations to manage. I created and now chair the committee for AIS on National Collections, Display,& Test Gardens. I hope in the future to create a greater envolvement with the APGA to create collections both in private collections and public gardens for various specialized Iris collections. The working together of plant societies with the APGA is not unprecedented. I believe the Magnolia Society was the first society to have a national collection. I had hopes the Iris Society would be able to take a lead role in bringing individuals into the USA National collection system but sadly I have had so much on my plate I have not really carried out these efforts in a sustained way. But I have not given up.

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I really don't understand what's being proposed that's not already in place.
Have you looked at a PBS membership directory??

Sounds like you just want to have a "formal" informal network....

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> Tom wrote:
>>> Why not establish an informal network of US-based 'International
> Collections'?
> --A collection holder would be recognized by us (the PBS) as someone with
> expertise and enthusiasm about a particular genus, plus a good collection of

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