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Peter Taggart
Mon, 16 Apr 2012 02:28:12 PDT
Books must be read in the context which the author wrote them.

Many plants are lost because an author, in a dry area or writing of a dry
habitat suggests a damp/wet position for a plant. A gardener in a wetter
climate may need to translate this advice to actually keep the plant dry in
The converse is also true.

A baking for most bulbs from the Northern Hemisphere which I have grown, in
my experience, should mean a SHORT hot period for the flower bud to set,
not a long, hot, four or five months of dessication.

The British climate varies from areas almost frost free maritime climates,
to near continental conditions, Arrochar in Argyll has filmy ferns growing
on the roadside walls and a rainfall around 120 inches per year. Parts of
Cambridgeshire may have only 10 inches of rain per year.
The only constant thing about the British climate is its variability,
Though fortunately, as Alberto implies, latitude protects us from
equatorial heat.
Peter (UK)

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> Jane, "bake" for Scotland or England, not for San Diego or Sydney
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