ground cover plants

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 13:20:08 PDT
Hello all,
The subject interests me a lot. Two years ago I created a new garden  just 
to  test out which  ground covers  suit m├ęditerranean bulbs.    The choice 
was made keeping in mind the follwing constraints.
Not higher than 10-15cm (4-6"),  no need to water during the summer, if 
possible summer flowering, not too dense to allow  bulb leaves to pass 
through, decorative value during the summer..
The following species  proved to be  competible with mediterrean bulbs:
Achillea coarctata (with Crocus in a lawn),Artemisia lanata,  Centaurea 
Aster ericoides Prostrate form(winter dormant), Delosperma aberdeenense nain 
rampant, Phyla nodiflora (can be invasive" and must trempled on), Phlox 
subulata,Teucrium ackermanii (partly frozen this winter),Thymus ciliatus 
(now in full flower),Thymus hirsutus,
The following bulb species were planted in the ground cover: Crocus, 
Sparaxis, Narcissus, Scilla , Moraeas, Zeophyranthes candida,  Anemone, 
Allium. But two years is  too short to make long term conclusions.
Bulbs which need high temperatures during the summer can be mulched with 
gravel, But I can think of very few  which  should be planted very shallow 
in order to  benefit of high summer temperatures (Agapanthus, Amaryllis 
belladonna ??) Anyway  here is somefood for thought.

Kind greetings

Lauw de Jager
South of France

-----Original Message-----Among the many wise things he had to say was 
advice NOT to plant ground covers over Mediterranean bulbs, as they kept the 
soil cool and interfered with the bulbs' summer ripening

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