What's in bloom now

Jtlehmann@aol.com Jtlehmann@aol.com
Fri, 06 Apr 2012 17:22:07 PDT
My Scilla natanensis, the first five flowers opened today due to the  
sunshine after three days of cloudy weather.  This is the first flowering  for 
the plant.  The flowers aren't as blue as I thought they would be  (they are 
really just white with a blue tint) but the flower stalk has  grown to 2' 
tall in eight days.  It took about 7 years to bloom from a bulb  about the size 
of a C battery.  I don't know how large the bulb is now  as only the neck 
is exposed but I'm surprised at the overall growth rate...it's  been easy and 
--Jerry Lehmann, Olathe, KS, USA, zone 5, and finally with more seasonal  

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