Gladiolus query

Paul T.
Thu, 19 Apr 2012 05:42:32 PDT
At 07:35 AM 19/04/2012, you wrote:
>This Glad came to me from Lambley's as G. cruentus - with the proviso that
>he wasn't sure if this was it's correct name - can anyone tell me if this
>is likely to be correct.  It's a very reliable flowerer in Autumn here and
>has beautiful, quite large, blood red flowers, quite a stunner.  thanks


It looks a lot like it could be a Gladiolus 
dalenii variety or hybrid as well?  There are 
varieties of this species that flower at 
different times of the year depending on where 
they originated, so the time isn't a good pointer 
in this particular species.  I have autumn, 
spring and summer variants, but have no idea 
whether they are all species selections or 
whether the are hybrids.  My summer one is red, 
but the form I have coming into flower now is 
orange, and very stoloniferous (it now exists at 
least 3 metres from where it was originally 
planted, it's been expanding out each year.  I've 
not grown cruentus, so can't help you with comparisons.

Is that any help?


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